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Over the years, many specialized tools and equipment was brought to the market targeting overclockers.

Computer Components


  • AMD FX series
  • Intel Extreme series
  • Intel K-SKU series


  • X58A-OC
  • Z77 OC Formula
  • Z87 OC Formula
  • ...

Graphics Card

  • MSI Lightning series
  • ASUS Matrix series
  • EVGA Classified series


Third-Party Tools

Cooling Equipment

  • Cooling containers
  • Kingpin auto-cooling
  • Phase-change, cascade

Processor tools

  • Athlon golden fingers
  • Dothan socket

Graphics card tools

  • EVGA EVBot
  • EVGA Epower
  • MSI Mpower
  • ASUS A-Power
  • GIGABYTE G-power

Memory Tools

  • Hipro5 Maximizer
  • OCZ DDR Booster